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Sesame Seeds Market Report – April 03, 2012

Dear Customers, The market for Sesame Seeds had been relatively steady and there have been no major price changes since the start of the new crop season in October 2011. Slow export demand from all major buying countries, primarily China & Europe, was the most important reason for the market to remain quiet. India’s export [...]

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Sesame Seeds Market Report – October 2011

Global Economic Uncertainty This may turn out to be a very unpredictable year due to economic uncertainty & insecurity prevailing in the western world. The repercussions of the recession are being felt by every person, irrespective of the country or profession they belong to. Though it is difficult to comment on what situation may arise [...]

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Sesame Seeds Market Report – March 23, 2011

Greetings! Sesame markets worldwide are currently going through a hibernation phase with demand being very slow from all buying countries. We would discuss the market scenario with respect to major exporting & consuming countries as below: China The Dragon of Asia was short on supply this year, but rather than buy aggressively, China tried to [...]

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Sesame Seeds Market Report – June 2009

Abnormality has become a normal thing in the Sesame Seeds market these days. This crop year, i.e. October 2008 to September 2009, is again appearing to be an unusual one. In November – December 2008, most of us were expecting a substantial correction in prices due to a fairly good crop especially in the continent of Africa.

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